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Simple PDF Tools SlideShare Tutorial

Page Turning Maker is series of software that can convert your file (such as PDF, PowerPoint, Doc…etc) into digital page turning book. Page turning book which is with 3D page turning effect can make you feel that you are reading a real book. It may have some problem in using Page Turning Maker software. Based on this situation, we will make a slideshare to show you how to solve the problem most users have. We will help to solve work the matter out in a more visual and slowly way. Hope you can enjoy the page flip book


Below flip slideshare is the special tutorial about Page Turning Maker software, just watch and learn it!


Difference between trial version and registered one

Page Turning Maker provides multiple utility programs to help convert various files to page flip book with page turning effect. However its software is no freeware, you have to pay for them. This slideshow aims to tell you what the difference between "trial version" and "registered version" for Page Turning Maker software is. With it, you can know well about the detail about this question.

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