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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Simple PDF Scan Optimizer

A best software to optimize your scanned PDF files!

  • Attractive operation interface and easy operation;
  • Deskew the angle of images in PDF files;
  • Convert images to monochrome;
  • Resample images in PDF files;
  • Delete blank pages in PDF files;
  • Support all Windows operation systems,like WindowXP,Vista,Win7.
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Simple PDF Scan Optimizer is a best software to optimize your scanned PDF files. The text of PDF files may come from scanned paper documents which you need to correct the skew scanned images, delete the blank page and convert images to monochrome. With Simple PDF Scan Optimizer, your scanned PDF files will be more formal and professional.


1. Attractive operation interface and easy operation



Simple PDF Scan Optimizer is a strong PDF edit tool with an attractive operation interface. Easy operation is another bright spot which allows you to use it without any professional training and instruction.


2. Allow to deskew the angle of images in PDF files



Simple PDF Scan Optimizer enables you to deskew the angle

of images in the PDF files from 1°to 180°. The antialias mode consists of three parts: “Fast with low quality”, “Bilinear with high quality” and “Bicubic with maximum quality”.


3. Convert images to monochrome


image_to_monochromeYou can covert images in the PDF files to monochrome by using Simple PDF Scan Optimizer. The dithering mode consists of three parts: Threshold, Grayscale and Ordered. Moreover, you can also adjust the threshold parameters manually by your self.


4. Allow to resample images in PDF files



Simple PDF Scan Optimizer allows users to resample images in the PDF files. Users can adjust the parameter of DPI, Scale, Width and Height and choose the types of resample filter. The types of hermite, lanszos3 and nearest will be suitable for colorful images and the types of none and projectBW will be best for black and white images.

5.Allow to delete blank pages in PDF files



Simple PDF Scan Optimizer can recognize the blank pages automatically by adjust the parameters of black\white value and threshold value. Besides, Simple PDF Scan Optimizer will show the test results for recognizing in real time.


6. Free update for lifetime



We always pay more attention to the quality of products. Therefore, we regularly update our software to add more functions and keep it competitive with other software on the market. You can free update the latest version of our software forever.


7. Free use for lifetime



We devote ourselves to research and develop the new software for a long time. Any extra fee is absolutely unneeded after you have bought our software. You can enjoy all features and functions of our software and free use it for a lifetime.

8. Full refund within 30 days



We all make our efforts to launch a series of software with powerful functions to satisfy our customers. However, there will never be a perfect product. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us and we will solve out your problems. Moreover, we will give you full refund within 30 days.