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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Simple Word to PDF

A professional software to convert Ms Word files to PDF files!

  • Attractive operation interface and easy operation;
  • Various files formats are supported in our software;
  • Protect PDF document with up to 128 bit password;
  • Retain the same layout as the original Ms Word files;
  • Select pages of Ms Word files to convert to PDF;
  • Support Hot directory mode.
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Simple Word to PDF is a professional software which is designed to convert MS Word files to PDF files and preserve the original layout, images, fonts and graphics of your MS word files. In addition, it also allows you to modify the properties, add security or watermark, and adjust the page layout.


1.Attractive operation interface and easy operation



Simple Word to PDF is a strong PDF convert tool with an attractive operation interface. Easy operation is another bright spot which allows you to use it without any professional training and instruction.


2. Various files formats are supported in our software



Simple Word to PDF also support for various kinds of file formats, including wri, .docx, .doc, .txt, .rtf and so on. Therefore, you can convert different formats of documents into PDF files.


3. Protect PDF document with up to 128 bit password



Simple Word to PDF enables you to convert MS Word files to PDF files with 128 bit password. Your MS Word files can be protected by strong encryption level and restrictions. Therefore, you needn’t to be worried about that your PDF files are spied by others.


4.Retain the same layout as the original Ms Word files



Simple Word to PDF provides you with a powerful function that it ensures that all things in the MS Word files will keep unchanged after conversion. Moreover, the layout of new PDF files also remains the same as original Ms Word files.


5.Select pages of Ms Word files to convert to PDF files



Simple Word to PDF enables you to select pages of Ms Word files to convert to PDF. It helps users extract selected pages or page ranges from a MS Word file with thousands of pages and convert them to PDF files. Just define the page range to start to convert it.


6. Hot directory mode



Only can you put your Ms Word files into the “Monitored Directory” predefined, at the same time check the “Output Directory”. It will record all your actions about converting process. Moreover, all log files will be saved in the “Log directory”.


7. Free update for lifetime



We always pay more attention to the quality of products. Therefore, we regularly update our software to add more functions and keep it competitive with other software on the market. You can free update the latest version of our software forever.


8. Free use for lifetime



We devote ourselves to research and develop the new software for a long time. Any extra fee is absolutely unneeded after you have bought our software. You can enjoy all features and functions of our software and free use it for a lifetime.



9. Full refund within 30 days



We all make our efforts to launch a series of software with powerful functions to satisfy our customers. However, there will never be a perfect product. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us and we will solve out your problems. Moreover, we will give you full refund within 30 days.



Simple Word to PDF gives you an easy way to convert MS Word files to PDF files without any professional skills:


Preserve all thing the same as original MS Word files

  • Original layout
  • Images and fonts
  • Graphics


Modify the properties information

  • Title
  • Subject
  • Author
  • Keyword


Add watermarks to PDF files

  • Text watermarks
  • Image watermarks
  • Dynamic time


Add page number to outputting files

  • Define the page range to add page numbers
  • Select the Number types
  • Choose the position of page numbers
  • Add prefix to the page numbers
  • Select the fonts of page numbers
  • Choose the Size of page numbers
  • Select the color of page numbers
  • Preview the page numbers in the overview window


Page settings

  • Define the page range
  • Page orientation: Portrait and Landscape
  • Print Settings: the page range and content of printing
  • Choose the paper size


Page layout settings

  • Arrange page layout
  • Define gutter size X and Y
  • Choose the order: Horizontal and Vertical
  • Define or reset the margin