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Simple PDF Rename

An excellent software to batch renaming PDF files!

  • Attractive operation interface and easy operation;
  • A large amount of ways to rename PDF files;
  • Modify or reset metadata;
  • Preview the new names;
  • All sorts of name patterns are available.
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Simple PDF Rename is an excellent software to batch renaming the PDF files based upon the subject, author, modify time, subject and so on. It offers a variety of flexible name patterns to you and enables you to rename one or more PDF files at a high rate. What's more, you can also change metadata by using macro or script.


1. Attractive operation interface and easy operation



Simple PDF Rename is a strong PDF edit tool with an attractive operation interface. Easy operation is another bright spot which allows you to use it without any professional training and instruction.


2. A large amount of ways to rename PDF files



Simple PDF Rename is an affordable software with a unique function to rename PDF files. It also provides you with a large amount of ways to batch renaming PDF files. You can rename your PDF files based upon the filename, filesize, file full name, page width, page height, title, subject, keyword, author, date, time and so on.


3. Modify or reset metadata


Metadata (Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, Creator, Producer) can be modifies or reset by using script and macro. At the same time, you can also change the custom properties (Name and Value) by yourself.



4.Preview the new names



After renaming all PDF files, you can preview the new names of all PDF files. If you are not satisfied with the new names, you can continue to rename your PDF files until you find the best one. What a powerful and convenient software it is! Just download a free trial version and have a try right now!


5. Free update for lifetime



We always pay more attention to the quality of products. Therefore, we regularly update our software to add more functions and keep it competitive with other software on the market. You can free update the latest version of our software forever.


6. Free use for lifetime



We devote ourselves to research and develop the new software for a long time. Any extra fee is absolutely unneeded after you have bought our software. You can enjoy all features and functions of our software and free use it for a lifetime.



7. Full refund within 30 days



We all make our efforts to launch a series of software with powerful functions to satisfy our customers. However, there will never be a perfect product. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us and we will solve out your problems. Moreover, we will give you full refund within 30 days.