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Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro

A powerful and flexible software to convert PDF to flipbook with inserting multi-media into flipbook!

  • Attractive operation interface and easy operation;
  • Various kinds of templates and themes;
  • Insert web link, page link, audio link, video link and photo link;
  • Add music files to flipbook as you like;
  • Add movie, You Tube video and SWF to digital flipbook;
  • Embed images into flipbook with slideshow mode;
  • Add buttons to go to other page, call Javascript function and so on;
  • Page shadow and flipping time options.
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Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro is a flexible and powerful software designed to convert PDF files to flipbook publication with multimedia effects. It also allows you to add movie, You Tube video and SWF to digital flipbook as well as music files. Besides, images and hyperlinks can be embedded to the pages of flipbooks according to your needs. With Simple PD to Flipbook Pro, PDF files can turn to dynamic and colorful digital flipbooks with fashion design.


1. Attractive operation interface and easy operation



Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro is a strong PDF convert tool with an attractive operation interface. Easy operation is another bright spot of our software which allows you to use it easily and quickly without any professional training and instruction. Only three steps can you fulfill your task of converting PDF files to digital flipbooks.

2.Professional version with more powerful functions



How can you imagine that Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro has those powerful functions you never saw? It does not only allows you to insert web links, page links, but also embed images files, audio files , flash SWF and movie files into your dynamic flipbook. With those multimedia effects, your flipbook will be more attractive, colorful and pleasant. What’s more, the flipbooks you generate can be viewed in most browsers.

3. Add new buttons to select an action type



Apart from adding multimedia to flipbooks, Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro also provides a high-speed way to add a new button to select an antion type, such as call Javascript function and set photo slideshow.



4. Diverse themes and templates



Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro also offers you different styles of templates and themes, like classical style, float style, neat style and spread style. There are different kinds of themes available to you in each style of templates. Meanwhile, you can add a template to Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro or remove the templates or theme by yourself.


5.Four kinds of outputting formats: html, zip, exe, app



Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro supports to output four formats of files, including html, zip, exe and app. Moreover, you can also make a mobile version of flipbooks which can work on iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices.



6. Social share function



With Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro, it is easier and convenient for you to share your attractive flipbooks with others online through Email, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo and so on. Show your wonderful flipbooks on the internet and enjoy yourself.


7. Free update for lifetime



We always pay more attention to the quality of products. Therefore, we regularly update our software to add more functions and keep it competitive with other software on the market. You can free update the latest version of our software forever.


8. Free use for lifetime



We devote ourselves to research and develop the new software for a long time. Any extra fee is absolutely unneeded after you have bought our software. You can enjoy all features and functions of our software and free use it for a lifetime.



9. Full refund within 30 days


We all make our efforts to launch a series of software with powerful functions to satisfy our customers. However, there will never be a perfect product. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us and we will solve out your problems. Moreover, we will give you full refund within 30 days.


Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro gives you an easy way to convert PDF files to flipbook without any professional skills:


1. Add watermarks to the pages of flipbook


Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro is a mighty software which allows you to add watermark to your flipbook. Watermark consists of text, image, dynamic date/ time and so on. It also allows you to edit or add a watermark to the watermark bar.

2.All sorts of name patterns are available to you


Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro does not only output different formats of documents, but also offers you all sorts of name patterns. Those name patterns consist of {PDF FileName}, {PDF Title}, {PDF Subject} and {PDF Author}.

3. Edit pages of flipbook in the editor

edit In the editors, you can insert new pages, delete pages and adjust the order of pages effortlessly. In addition, it is easier for you to copy the selected objects and paste it to the current page or apply it to other pages.

4. Command line mode


Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro supplies you with a very convenient and quick way to automate the process of converting by using the command line mode. You needn’t to open the graphical user interface(GUI) any more.

5. Attractive flipbook with multimedia effects


Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro enables you to create vivid, colorful and dynamic flipbook instead of monotonous PDF files. Video, music and images can be inserted in the flipbook to make your flipbook more attractive and beautiful.

6. Create photo gallery through Slideshow Mode


Add a photo slideshow to create a vivid photo gallery and exhibit your images in more details. Just click the image to jump to another image.


7.Quality of outputting files:


Page quality and size options: Best quality and largest file size, High quality and larger file size, Medium quality and large file size, Low quality and small file size, Worst quality and smallest file size.

8.Different links can be inserted into the pages


You can insert both external and internal links into the pages of flipbook. Those links consists of web links, page links, music links, video links and even email links. It is useful and convenient to connect your flipbook with your other pages or website.

9.Support Mobile Devices


The vivid flipbook created by Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro not only can be read by your PC and Mac computers, but also by your iPhone, iPad and Android. Therefore, this powerful function enables you to enlarge the group of readers in Android and Apple market.