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What kinds of image formats does Simple Image to PDF support

Q: I have a lots image files in my computers and they are in different formats like JPEG, png, gif and so on. I wonder wether Simple Image to PDF can convert them to PDF for me and what image formats it supports.


A: Simple Image to PDF is a handy and effective image to PDF converter, and it supports a wide range of image formats, with Simple Image to PDF, image to PDF conversion will never be a hard work. And next is part of the list of image formats that software supports.


TIFF Bitmap : *.tif, *.tiff, *.fax, *.g3n, *.g3f, *.xif

CompuServe Bitmap : *.gif

JPEG Bitmap : *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.jif

PaintBrush : *.pcx

Windows Bitmap : *.bmp, *.dib, *.rle

Windows Icon : *.ico

Windows Cursor : *.cur

Portable Network Graphics : *.png

DICOM Bitmap : *..dcm, *.dic, *.dicom, *.v2

Windows Metafile : *.wmf

Enhanced Windows Metafile : *.emf

JPEG2000 : *.jp2

JPEG2000 Code Stream : *.j2k, *.jpc, *.j2c

Multipage PCX : *.dcx

Camera RAW : *.crw, *.cr2, *.nef, *.raw, *.pef, *.raf, *.x3f, *.bay, *.orf, *.srf, *.mrw, *.dcr, *.sr2

Vectorial Objects : *.iev





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