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How to batch convert many PDF files to flipbook at one time

Q: I have various PDF files needed to be converted to Flash flipbook in my computer, but I don’t want to process them one by one. Can Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro batch convert multiple PDF at one time for me?


A: Yes, Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro is a great solution for users to convert any PDF to attractive page flipbook, also it supports batch mode to turn numbers of PDF files at a time to save time and enhance work efficiency. It is very simple to apply batch mode and you can learn how to do from below tutorial.


1. Run Simple PDF to Flipbook Pro.

2. Select “Convert --> Batch Convert” to start batch conversion mode.

run batch conversion mode


3. In Batch mode, import targeted PDF files then define output option like output type and path.

4. After above steps, click “Convert to Flash” button to start conversion.

batch convert pdf to flipbook





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