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How to apply command line to convert Word to PDF



A: As we know Simple Word to PDF supports three running mode: Batch mode, Hot Directory mode and Command Line mode. Under command line mode, user can use command line in the computer that has installed Simple Word to PDF to convert Word to PDF silently. And next is the example of using command line.


Note: You must close Simple Word to PDF GUI program Before using Simple Word to PDF Command line


Using Simple Word to PDF in command line:

WordToPDF.exe < input Word file > < output pdf file >


Return code:

1: Does not find GhostSrcript

2: Input file does not exist

3: Output file path not exists

5: Source file is not Word file

6: Output file name error

8: Convert successfully

9: Convert Failed

10: Error because another Simple Word To PDF is running.



"C:\Program Files\Simple Word to PDF\WordToPDF.exe" "c:\Card.doc" "c:\output\Card.pdf"

"C:\Program Files\Simple Word to PDF\WordToPDF.exe" "c:\Card.docx" "c:\output\Card.pdf"


Note: The output folder "c:\output\" must exists! Microsoft Word 2000-2010 must installed in your computer






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