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How can I make books play on iPad

Q : I get lots of mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone,etc. And I wanna make my Flash page flipbooks play on them. How can I realize this?


A: First of all, all PDF to Flipbook conversion software of Simple PDF Tools allows users to generate mobile version of flipbook for a variety of mobile device, such as Android device, iPhone, iPad and other smart phone. What you need to do is to follow the below steps to create your flipbook.


1. Start your installed PDF to Flipbook software, build your book and design template;

2. Enter into output interface, choose HTML output type and check "Also Make Mobile Version" to output your book;

3. Upload all output files and folders online together, including HTML, SWF, "files" and "mobile" folders.


Then you can view your book in the browser of PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.





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